Burleigh Headland Fisheye

I bought a new camera because I felt the need to simplify my travel photography options and lighten the load that I was taking with me on holidays or for business purposes. I first wrote a priority list of features that I thought as essential in regards to a new camera and spent a great deal of time researching in finding exactly the right camera for me. This list might be helpful for when you are choosing your next camera;

Size and weight, is it small enough to fit in a coat pocket and light enough to carry around all day with you without causing fatigue or getting in the way.

Does it have instant focus without shutter delay for people and action shots.

Does it have a viewfinder – I don’t really like trying to compose pictures from the LCD screens as I often can’t see the image when the light is bright. I prefer to look through the viewfinder.

Improved performance at high ISO speeds.

Also does it have an articulated screen; I find it useful for shooting above my head, or from ground level.

Interchangeable lenses to give me more choice with the addition of an adaptor ring so that I can use the appropriate lenses which adds creativity to the shots.

The feel and balance of the camera – I need to regard the camera as an extension of me, and I want to enjoy shooting with it as it is my tool and I’ll be working with it daily.

A menu system that makes sense to me, is easy to navigate through (also in fast paced moments) is also quite crucial. 

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