Photographing group portraits can be quite challenging in that each extra person included in the shot represents double the problems. Keeping your attention on the light, the camera, the grouping and the expressions on all the faces involved, also checking that everyone looks good can be quite challenging. One of the primary task is to arrange everyone close together, this is not as easy as it sounds as we all have our need for personal space. But if you explain the reason why you will encourage everyone to be relaxed about it. It’s also important to get people’s positioning right, have one person standing slightly behind another to make an interesting composition in larger groups of people for example. At a party or family gathering they will need careful managing to strategically place, for example the tallest person at the back and ask them to squash together with their shoulders overlapping one in front of the other. You can also raise the camera higher by standing on a chair or a ladder, so you can see the people at the back, if need be don’t be afraid to ask people to shift position until everyone is clearly visible and you are happy with the shot, make sure you have everybody’s attention when you’re about to take that shot. And if possible check the photograph to see if anyone’s eyes were closed or facial features seemed out of place.

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