church interior

Photographing Interiors can cover everything from squeezing into the corner of a funky little café, or shop, or trying to take that perfect shot of a large architectural masterpiece like a church, or chapel. A light travel tripod is handy because many of the Interiors you’ll be photographing will be in low light and long shutter speeds will be needed so you can stop down the aperture to increase the depth of field. Many beautiful interior shots will require a very wide-angle lens. This equipment is intended to distort the subject, particularly at the edges of the picture, but you can use the Correct Distortion function in Elements, Lightroom and other programs to restore a more natural look to the image. Some examples you could photograph would be shopping malls, hotel entrances, monastery’s, and cathedrals. Also be sure to concentrate on the beautiful designs that have been created in front of you, and find elegant angles and utilise the best of the lighting available, which is often a big feature in modern architecture. In this example you are there to show appreciation to somebody else’s efforts in terms of architecture and display it to people that otherwise might not get a chance to see these structures in person.

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