Running Sculptures

Photography at an action event such as motorsport or for running, or cycling can be a little bit daunting because the subject will be moving fast, and if you are not experienced in this form of photography you may feel as if you are always playing catch up. But there are a few techniques that you can implement to assist you in obtaining that perfect action shot. Photography is not only about the sport itself, but a small piece of action can tell a big story in showing the personalities in this sporting event. Before you shoot at an event look through the sports pages in newspapers or online to discover the best vantage point or if you know the location personally this will give you a ‘heads up’ advantage. The most interesting shots might not always be of the action itself. Be prepared to capture the facial expressions of the players and athletes in that moment. You also want to use a fast shutter speed setting, and if you have insufficient light try increasing your ISO speed from, say, 200 to 800, that will allow you to increase shutter speed by 2 stops.

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