Miami Foreshore

Whether your camera is old or new you can only take really good quality photographs if you know how to create strong images. The saying cameras don’t take photographs, photographers do, is especially right. You should certainly not get hung up on needing the latest camera on the market especially in these digital days when there will be an even newer one out next month. The push for more megapixels and biggest sensors is logical and largely driven by the industry’s need just to sell us more equipment. All this technology is not going to make your pictures any more creative, many of our favourite pictures, the type of images that inspired us to take up photography ourselves were made on less sophisticated cameras than the average point and shoot camera that you can buy today. Your camera manual is also vital if you are to understand the controls and functions of your camera. Don’t be embarrassed about carrying it with you as today’s cameras are so complicated that few people can even remember everything they are capable of doing. 

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