This category of photography is so wide that there is nearly something for everybody. Many people take photographs of animals just in their local area or while they are on holiday locally or internationally or even simple photographs of their

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Babies and children.

After many millions of photographs were taken every year the majority of them are of babies and children capturing those special photographs in the most crucial periods is paramount. Babies are often photographed practically at the moment of birth and

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celebrations christmas


Celebrations are often events that occur yearly, such as birthdays and anniversaries, along with other events like weddings, reunions and also public festivals, parades and carnivals. Many pictures are taken during these times and the challenge is to progress from

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Group Portraits.

Photographing group portraits can be quite challenging in that each extra person included in the shot represents double the problems. Keeping your attention on the light, the camera, the grouping and the expressions on all the faces involved, also checking

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Portrait photography.

Still portraits of humans is often a very popular genre for photography, and can be a fun exercise. People can look the part when photographed in a beauty portrait style, or a romantic portrait style. A beauty, and romantic portrait

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food photo

Food photography.

With the advent of social media these days food photography has become a genre in its own right. You might like to have a go at this area photography as it can be a lot easier and an interesting one

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Running Sculptures

Photography at sporting events.

Photography at an action event such as motorsport or for running, or cycling can be a little bit daunting because the subject will be moving fast, and if you are not experienced in this form of photography you may feel

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church interior


Photographing Interiors can cover everything from squeezing into the corner of a funky little café, or shop, or trying to take that perfect shot of a large architectural masterpiece like a church, or chapel. A light travel tripod is handy

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Gardens and Outdoors.

Outdoor opportunities can be closer than you think, so don’t feel you have to go travelling all over the countryside and spending a long time away to try and find some satisfying pictures, they might be available right under your

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focal point

Finding a focal point and lighting.

Most landscape photographs benefit from a focal point, such as a tree, building, boat, or a house for an example. The viewer’s eye is always drawn to signs of human activity or objects of interest so an item like a

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Church Mural Painting


When you admire looking at a photograph or painting, you might at first believe that it is this subject matter that is appealing to you. Once you understand the dynamics of the pictures composition, you will know that you’re being

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miami ocean

The ISO Setting.

Before you start shooting pictures with your camera it’s important that you select the correct ISO setting either from a button on the camera body or via the menu. The ISO (International Standards Organization) index is a system for calibrating

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Burleigh Headland Fisheye

Choosing a new camera.

I bought a new camera because I felt the need to simplify my travel photography options and lighten the load that I was taking with me on holidays or for business purposes. I first wrote a priority list of features

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Miami Foreshore

Photography Basics.

Whether your camera is old or new you can only take really good quality photographs if you know how to create strong images. The saying cameras don’t take photographs, photographers do, is especially right. You should certainly not get hung

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